Dedicated On-Site IT Staff.

The CWPS Enterprise IT Solution provides all the support and services of our Co-Managed IT Solution, with the addition of placing expert technicians on-site. Our devoted team of managed IT service engineers, technicians, and support specialists act as an extension to your team and provide you all the advantages of IT service and support with dedicated CWPS staff on-site. Our goal is to work with your IT department to increase the overall capabilities of the staff. We assist with:

Bullet-Arrow.png  Servers
Bullet-Arrow.png  Client Desktops
Bullet-Arrow.png  Network Devices
Bullet-Arrow.png  Network Storage
Bullet-Arrow.png  Network Security
Bullet-Arrow.png  Cloud Computation
Bullet-Arrow.png  Cloud Storage
Bullet-Arrow.png  Cloud Security
Bullet-Arrow.png  Collaboration
Bullet-Arrow.png  Data Protection

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The Perfect IT Solution for Larger Enterprises.

Operations within your organization can sometimes grow faster than the IT department can keep up with. It's not that they aren't great at what they do, there just simply aren't enough hours in the day to manage it. Enter: CWPS Enterprise IT Solutions. Our expert technicians become a part of your IT team, offering advanced support for mission-critical operations or absorbing the more mundane day-to-day IT tasks, depending on your individual need.  Our Tier 1, 2, and 3 technicians are placed on-site to work alongside your IT team to provide a fully integrated and seamless staffing solution.

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