Putting  Your IT Environment in Peak Performance 


CWPS's IT Fitness Assessment evaluates the current state of your IT environment against over 100 best practices and checklist items across a dozen IT subsystems. CWPS's database catalogs the assessment and provides meaningful reporting to your company. All findings will be presented within an IT Fitness Report which includes a Fitness Scorecard, Metrics Review, and recommendations for improvements categorized by priority.


  • Conduct a comprehensive IT Fitness Assessment utilizing the tools & technologies deployed during the Onboarding phase of the journey.
  • Provide an IT Fitness Report, Metrics Review, and Fitness Scorecard covering a dozen IT subsystems and over 100 IT metrics and best practices.
  • Provide recommendations for remediation of any critical and important issues identified in the assessment to include budget estimates and project planning.
  • Provide this service on an on-going basis throughout the life-cyle of our business relationship delivered at your Quarterly Business Review.

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