Microsoft Teams Elevates Sales

Discover How Sales Teams 
Benefit from Microsoft Teams 

Keep your sales team fast paced, organized and productive with Microsoft Teams. 

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Microsoft Teams Helps Keep Sales Reps Focused on the Deal and Not on the Process.




 Join the CWPS Sales Teams for a Webinar and learn how Microsoft Teams helps Organize and Improve your Sales Processes.

Your sales processes are best when your team is well prepared, clear on their objectives and can provide excellent communication to clients. Discover how Microsoft Teams provides Sales Teams with an organized and collaborative workspace within one centralized platform.
Join CWPS Sales Team as they discuss how Microsoft Teams provides the
tools for a fully cohesive workflow.

Date: February 5th, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM
Length: 30 Min


1-45866256590959Frank Lusko
CWPS, EVP of Sales and Marketing

2-47422Curtis Joachim
CWPS, Key Account Executive


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