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HSC Health Care System Customer Testimonial

We sat down with the VP of Information Technology at HSC Health Care System to hear about their experience with CWPS IT Managed Services. "We are pretty reliant on CWPS to consult with us and help us make the right (IT) decisions for the organization."

Microsoft Teams Meetings Devices Webinar

In this webinar we demonstrate how your organization can work together with Microsoft Teams and its new meetings devices.

Software, Hardware and Microsoft Teams Devices

Discover how your organization can work together with Microsoft Teams and its new devices. In this video we review the Skype Room Console, Logitech SmartDock, Poly Studio, Eagle Eye Director 2 and Poly Trio.

How Your Business Can Leverage Microsoft Teams for Successful Remote Work

Remote work is growing increasingly popular with both employees and employers, but having much of a workforce located outside of an office can be challenging. In this free ebook, you'll learn how Microsoft Teams can help.

Microsoft Teams Third Party Devices

Check out the third party devices available for Microsoft Teams Meetings. In this video Sales Engineer, Jeff Porter, gives an over view of some of best meetings solutions.

Logitech SmartDock Overview

In this Quick Hit we provide you with an overview of the Logitech SmartDock and a great new device that helps you hide all of your cables.

From Hardhats to Hospitals: How MSPs Benefit Multiple Industries

Managed IT services are most commonly thought of as being for desk-job oriented businesses. In truth, managed IT can be a tremendous help to an organization in nearly any field. In this free ebook, you'll learn how managed IT can help.

Skype Room Console Version 2

Are you familiar with the meeting solutions available for Microsoft Teams? It this Quick Hit we provide you with an overview of the Software behind the Skype Room Console Version 2.

Managed IT Services: The Enterprise Solution

Managed IT service providers can greatly benefit enterprises, not just small and medium-sized businesses. In this free ebook, you'll learn how MSPs save enterprises time, money, and stress.

VLOG- Understanding Customer Success

Customer Success is the union between the promise of our service delivery and your desired business outcomes. Customer Success will provide a prescriptive customer engagement throughout the lifecycle of our business relationship.  

The CWPS Customer Journey

The Customer Success Journey doesn’t end with getting a customer up and running on our platform – it’s only just beginning. CWPS starts by taking the time to completely understand the path of the customer, including staff and role correspondence, as well as business challenges they face along the way.

CWPS Enterprise Managed IT Services

Operations within your organization can sometimes grow faster than the IT department can keep up with. It's not that they aren't great at what they do, there just simply aren't enough hours in the day to manage it. Enter: CWPS Enterprise IT Managed Services. 

How Microsoft's Azure Information Protection Can Protect Your Organization

In an increasingly connected world, being able to secure your business' data, especially sensitive customer information, is paramount. In this free eBook, learn how Microsoft's AIP solution can protect your organization.

What the End of Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Support Means for Your Business

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will be ending extended support for two of its most popular and widespread operating systems. In this free eBook, we'll cover what the end of support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 means, and the impact it might have on your business

What does the end of Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Support mean for your business?

Did you miss our live webinar? Check out the recording to discover what the end of Extended support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 means for your business. 

VLOG- Top Security Threats of 2019

Click here to discover the Top Security Threats that your organization and its end-users should be aware of in 2019.

Discover Why IAFC Loves Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for an easy way to collaborate, share files, host meetings and more? Find out why the International Association of Fire Chiefs have adopted Microsoft Teams across their organization.

CWPS TESTIMONIAL: International Association of Fire Chiefs

What would happen if your company was hit with ransomware? Find out how CWPS reacted when the International Association of Fire Chiefs faced every IT Manager's biggest fear.

CWPS Helps American Farmland Trust Move to Office 365

CWPS can help you unlock the full productivity potential of Microsoft Office 365 with our Cloud Assist 365 Managed Services. Make your vision of a digital workplace a reality with the powerful tools available in the Microsoft Cloud.

CWPS TESTIMONIAL: American Farmland Trust

Are you looking for a partner that will take the time to truly understand your organization and its needs? Find out what American Farmland Trust has to say about their onboarding experience with CWPS.

VLOG- Protecting Your Devices in a BYOD World

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policies are becoming more common throughout organizations. So, how are you protecting your personal and corporate information that may be stored on these devices?

The Top Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses in 2019

Cybercrime is on the rise in 2019 and new threats are constantly emerging. Not being ready to fight these threats puts a business and its customers in incredible risk.

VLOG- Zero Trust Policy

Find out why CWPS Director of Information Security and Compliance, Dave Caufman, says that you should trust no one and implement a zero trust policy. 

CWPS' Guide to the Digital Transformation Journey

How can your business transition from legacy systems to a modern, cloud based infrastructure without significant business disruption? With this free ebook, you'll find out how CWPS' "Digital Transformation Journey" can help your business.

Top Security Threats of 2019

In this webinar we discuss the top security predictions of 2019, how to stay safe at work and at home, the best end-user training tools, and receive a list of CWPS Approved Security Resources.

Passwords that Protect Your Personal Information

What passwords are you using to log into personal or company data? Are they strong enough to protect you from common cyberattacks in 2019? In this Quick Hit, we provide what you need to know when creating a new password.

Mobile Device Safety

Most people won't leave the house without their mobile device and that is why it is so important to make sure these devices are secure. In this Security Quick Hit, we give you tips and tricks on how you can protect your personal data.

Keeping Software Up to Date

In this Quick Hit, we review why installing software updates for your operating system and programs is critical and one of the best defenses against viruses, malware and other online threats.

Beware of Social Engineering

Have you heard of Vishing, Smishing and Phishing? In this Quick Hit, we help you become aware of social engineering and provide tips on how you and your organization can stay safe.

How Microsoft Teams Can Impact Every Department In Your Organization

As businesses become more complex, the need to improve communication within and between departments grows. Discover how Microsoft Teams can improve communication within your organization. 

Find Out How Marketers Benefit from Microsoft Teams

Marketers today wear multiple hats and are responsible for developing campaigns, managing vendors, providing analytics and most importantly, generating new leads. With Microsoft Teams, marketers can stay organized, manage projects and collaborate with ease.

Discover How Sales Teams Benefit from Microsoft Teams

Your sales processes are best when your team is well prepared, clear on their objectives and can provide excellent communication to clients. Discover how Microsoft Teams provides Sales Teams with an organized and collaborative workspace within one centralized platform.

Cutting Costs in the Cloud Webinar


Recruiting Microsoft Teams Webinar

Discover how Microsoft Teams provides Recruiters with a meetings solution and collaboration tool that helps them turn candidates into great employees.

Human Resources Microsoft Teams Webinar

Need a better way to onboard new employees, make announcements, share files and work with team members across your organization within a central location? If so, discover how Microsoft Teams provides Human Resources Teams with the solutions they need.

Microsoft Teams Project Management Webinar

Are you looking for a more organized way to manage projects, coordinate with individuals and provide status updates? If so, discover how Microsoft Teams provides project managers with a single tool for collaboration, communication and productivity. 

Keep it Professional with Microsoft Teams

Blur your background with Microsoft Teams. With the click of a button, you can easily eliminate distractions and host high quality meetings. 

VLOG- Your Top 5 Microsoft Teams Questions Answered

Are you interested in Microsoft Teams but confused about exactly how it works and how you can use it? In this video blog, we answer your Top 5 questions surrounding Microsoft Teams.

More Than Just a Job. A Career.

Our customers, proven performance and lasting relationships continue to drive our team everyday! If you are looking for more than just a just a job, don't miss your chance to join our team. Click here to find out why our employees love working at CWPS.

VLOG- Cut Costs in the Cloud with Microsoft Teams

Are you looking to cut costs in the cloud? Are you fully taking advantage of everything that Office365 has to offer? With Microsoft Teams, your organization can cut costs and reduce the use of unnecessary applications or platforms.

Microsoft Teams Use Case- Human Resources

Every department in your organization can benefit from Microsoft Teams. We sat down with our Humans Resources Generalist, Luzette Batu, to find out how orientation and internal communication has improved since she began using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Use Case- Recruiting

Finding the right talent can be tough, and it is even harder when you don't have the right tools. We spoke with our Senior Technical Recruiter, Anita Tolani, about how Microsoft Teams has simplified her recruiting process.

CWPS TESTIMONIAL: Former Customer- John Wyatt

We sat down with one of our former customers, John Wyatt, to here about his experience with CWPS. Find out why John would highly recommend working with our team!

CWPS TESTIMONIAL: American Federation of Teachers

Find out what our clients have to say about CWPS! We spoke with the Director of Administration and Infrastructure at the American Federation of Teachers, Faith Proctor, about how CWPS has become a true extension of their team.

Customer Success- The Customer Journey

In this video, we spoke with Customer Success Manager, Isabelle Ahearn, about our clients Customer Success Journey. CWPS starts by taking the time to completely understand the path of the customer, including staff and role correspondence, as well as, the business challenges they face along the way.

IT Fitness- The Customer Journey

CWPS's IT Fitness Assessment evaluates the current state of your environment against over 100 best practices and checklist items across a dozen IT subsystems. CWPS's database catalogs the assessment and provides meaningful reporting to your company. Start your Customer Journey today! 

A Look at The Future of Business Communication with Microsoft Teams.

Email, chat, voice calling, and audio calling - there are a number of ways employees can communicate with each other. And There is a reason why businesses haven’t shifted to a single, default mode of communication: each communication type is useful in its own right. Discover how Microsoft Teams keeps your team connected with its tools.

Digital Transformation Journey Webinar- Microsoft Teams and EMS

If you are looking for a secure way to chat, call, file share and host meetings both internally and externally, Microsoft Teams is your solution. Secure your environment with EMS E5 and unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Ecosystem. 

Microsoft Teams Use Case- Sales Team

How can your organization benefit from Microsoft Teams? We sat down with our EVP of Sales and Marketing, Frank Lusko, to hear how his Sales Team has benefited from this collaboration tool.

Crawl, Walk, Run- The Digital Transformation

Where are you in your Digital Transformation Journey? No matter what state your environment is in, CWPS can help. We spoke with our CEO, Jason Waldrop, about the three stages of this journey- Crawl, Walk and Run. 

How to Set Up Your Jabra Evolve 65

In this video, our Customer Success Team shows you how to properly set up your Jabra Evolve 65 and pair it with your favorite devices. 

Onboarding- The Customer Journey

Onboarding is much more than getting a customer up and running on our platform. It’s about us helping the customer establish the basis of the full value of our solution. A proper onboarding involves an alignment of our services with the deep understanding of the customer requirements and expectations to deliver the desired outcome.

An Extension of Your Team

Your IT people are overwhelmed with daily “Right Now!” problems. Investing in tools, equipment and legacy outsourced support is expensive and is not meeting your needs. CWPS has a comprehensive suite of Managed Network Services to meet all your communications, security and IT infrastructure needs. .

eBook: Creating a More Modern Workspace With Microsoft Teams

New ways of doing business and new technologies are both making effective collaboration a challenge. Modern business ecosystems have changed; collaborative tools need to change with them. Microsoft Teams and Office 365 work together to create a clean and effective collaborative infrastructure.

How to Use the Meetings Tab in Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we show you how to get the most out of the Meetings Tab in Microsoft Teams. 

Explore the Files Tab in Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we explore the Files Tab in Microsoft Teams and the cloud storage integrations. 

Get to Know the Calling Features within Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we review Microsoft Teams calling and the voicemail features.

Collaborating with Co-workers in Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we give you a sneak peak of the collaboration tools within Microsoft Teams. 

Discover the Peer to Peer Chat Features within Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we give you an overview of the peer to peer chat features in Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams Demo Webinar

In this webinar, we demo Microsoft Teams and all of its features and functionalities. 

Understanding the Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we show you the features and functionalities of the Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams.

CWPS is Your All-Inclusive Microsoft Partner

Make your vision of a digital workplace a reality with the powerful tools available in the Microsoft Cloud. 

How to Set Up a Live Event in Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we show you how to set up and produce a live event using Microsoft Teams.

How to Schedule a Meeting with Microsoft Teams

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we show you how to schedule a meeting with Microsoft Teams in both the Teams platform and Outlook.

How to Add an External Participant to a Microsoft Teams Meeting

In this CWPS Quick Hit, we show you how to call in or add an external participant to your Microsoft Teams Meetings.

How to Organize a Marketing Campaign with Microsoft Teams

Join us in our RV where the CWPS Marketing Team demonstrates how they use Microsoft Teams to communicate, collaborate and stay organized.

Webinar: Find Out Why Microsoft Teams is the Future of Teamwork in Office 365

With the new Microsoft Teams Calling and Meetings solutions, many companies are asking how Microsoft Teams fits into their current O365 ecosystem. 

The Building Blocks of Microsoft Teams

In this video CWPS SharePoint Architect, Chris Eaheart, gives us an understanding of the building blocks for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is your hub for chats, file sharing, calls and meetings.

Microsoft Teams Makes Teamwork Easy

Communicate, collaborate, call, chat and host meetings with Microsoft Teams-the hub for teamwork with Microsoft Office 365.

A Day in the Life with Microsoft Teams

Get a glimpse of a day in the life of CWPS Project Manager, Austin Lynch, utilizing Microsoft Teams. Teams is your one-stop shop for collaboration, communication and now calling.

Ignite Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

The way we communicate and collaborate is constantly changing. Empower your organization and increase productivity through Microsoft Teams. 

CWPS TESTIMONIAL: Kestler Financial Group

Find out what our clients are saying about CWPS! We spoke with Kestler Financial Group about their customer experience.

CWPS TESTIMONIAL: The BENS Customer Experience

Find out what our clients are saying about CWPS! Watch now to learn why Business Executives for National Security would highly recommend our services.

Mobility Matters Both On and Off The Field

We spoke with the Chief Executive Officer at CWPS, Jason Waldrop, about why mobility matters for both his professional and personal life. Office 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) gives him the ability to be productive and secure his data on the go.

Your Company is Growing But is Your Digital Environment

We sat down with the Sales and Marketing Executive Vice President at CWPS, Frank Lusko, to discuss Office 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and it's impact on digital environments. 

How To Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

In this video, CWPS Cloud Architect, Brian Charles, shows us how easy it is to set up Multi-Factor Authentication.

Everything You Need to Know about the Microsoft Migration from Skype to Teams

Unsure how Microsoft's move from Skype for Business to Teams impacts your business? Get the details with this free ebook.

A Microsoft Environment: The BENS Customer Experience

How is your digital environment? We spoke to the Chief Administrative Officer at Business Executives for National Security, Lisa Jackson, about her Microsoft Environment.

On-boarding: The BENS Customer Experience

We spoke with the Chief Administrative Officer at Business Executives for National Security, Lisa Jackson, about her on-boarding experience as a new CWPS client. 

[Free Webinar} Creating a Secure & Productive Environment with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite.

Are you looking to add a tighter level of security to your environment? Do you want to stay secure and productive on your favorite apps and devices? 

Dark Web Threat Impact Report: Understanding the True Cost of Having Your Information on the Dark Web

Discover what the Dark Web is, how it works, and how it poses a threat to your organization.

Everything You Need to Know about Office 365 Enterprise

Office 365 is quickly becoming a standard tool in offices throughout the world. Learn how in our free ebook.

Everything You Need to Know About Office 365 Enterprise Mobility Suite

Struggling to maintain order when your workforce is dispersed across the globe? Office 365 EMS may be the answer. Download this free ebook today to learn more.

Everything SharePoint A Guide for SMBs

SharePoint is one of the best tools available for SMBs searching for a one-stop shop for document storage and business collaboration. 

CWPS Guide To Skype For Business

Skype for Business with Microsoft Office 365 provides individuals with a robust collaboration/communication platform. that allows teams to stay productive, secure and innovative no matter where they work.

Managed Service Providers When to Hire One.

Whether you’re managing a nonprofit, running a small business or law firm – the challenge of the current economy is the same for everyone: You need to do more with less. See how an IT MSP is the right fit for your business. 

A Guide to Cloud Backup Cost, Security, Flexibility

Switching to a cloud-based backup system is a significant decision that requires a clear understanding of how such a solution will integrate into your business.