Your Turnkey IT Solution

The CWPS Turnkey IT Service Desk model is designed to support businesses that do not have an IT Manager and are looking for full support of the daily care and maintenance of their IT networks, including:

Bullet-Arrow.png  Servers
Bullet-Arrow.png  Client Desktops
Bullet-Arrow.png  Network Devices
Bullet-Arrow.png  Network Storage
Bullet-Arrow.png  Network Security
Bullet-Arrow.png  Cloud Computation
Bullet-Arrow.png  Cloud Storage
Bullet-Arrow.png  Cloud Security
Bullet-Arrow.png  Collaboration
Bullet-Arrow.png  Data Protection

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Benefits of Using CWPS

CWPS provides businesses throughout the Washington, DC area with a suite of Managed IT services including: IT management, cloud managed services, IT strategy, IT service desk, and project management. While we are a cloud service provider, we can manage any type of IT infrastructure, regardless of location, whether it's on-premise, in the Cloud, in our data centers, or a hybrid architecture. With CWPS on your side, you will be free from the day-to day management of your IT so you can focus on your core business. We keep your business technology stable and secure and also provide the strategy and technology consulting needed to support growth for your business. In addition, as new technologies emerge, we keep you ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge, ready to face the future so your business can continue to leverage the best IT. Some of the amazing benefits:

  • Manage all of your IT infrastructure and vendors through a single source
  • Receive detailed reports on the performance of your entire IT infrastructure
  • Scale IT infrastructure as you need it without incurring large capital expenses
  • Secure your remote workforce with our cloud managed services

  • Predictable monthly billing for cloud hosting, data storage and 24×7 IT Service Desk
  • Get years of experience and advice from just one managed services provider

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